MTCR and Trade

Export Licenses: Export licenses are not bans, but efforts to prevent transfers contributing to delivery systems for weapons of mass destruction. MTCR controls are not intended to impede peaceful aerospace programmes or international cooperation in such programmes, as long as these programmes could not be used to develop delivery systems for WMD. MTCR controls are also not designed to restrict access to technologies necessary for peaceful economic development. The MTCR Guidelines help to build confidence among suppliers that they can provide access to technology without such technology being diverted to WMD delivery system programmes.

End-user Undertakings: MTCR partners have agreed that, in a manner consistent with their national laws and practices and when relevant under the MTCR Guidelines and other existing undertakings, partner countries should obtain the following undertakings before the transfer of a controlled item:

  • a statement from the end user specifying the use and end use location of the proposed transfer, if necessary accompanied by documents explaining its business activities and organization;
  • an assurance explicitly stating that the proposed transfers will not be used for any activities related to the development or production of delivery systems for WMD; and
  • where possible and if deemed necessary, an assurance that a post shipment inspection may be made by the exporter or the exporting government.

Partners have also agreed that partner countries should obtain assurances that their consent will be secured, in a manner consistent with their national law and practices, prior to any retransfer to a third country of the equipment, material or related technology or any replica thereof.

Inter-partner Trade: MTCR partners have explicitly affirmed the principle that membership in the MTCR does not involve an entitlement to obtain technology from another partner and no obligation to supply it. Partners are expected, just as in such trade between partners and non partners, to exercise appropriate accountability and restraint in inter partner trade.

Adherence to MTCR Guidelines & Annex by Non-Members: MTCR partner countries are keen to encourage all countries to observe the MTCR Guidelines on transfers of missiles and related technology as a contribution to common security.

A country can choose to adhere to the Guidelines without being obliged to join the group and a number have done so. MTCR and its members welcome opportunities to conduct technical exchanges and broader dialogues on proliferation issues with such countries.