Report by the MTCR Co-Chairs: Outreach Visit to Pakistan

An MTCR outreach mission to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was held on the 29th of March 2018. The MTCR delegation was led by the Co-Chairs, Breifne O’Reilly and Bjarni Vestmann. The delegation met with representatives from the Disarmament Division and the Strategic Export Control Division (SECDIV) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and from the Strategic Plans Division (SPD) of the Ministry of Defence.

The MTCR delegation updated Pakistan on the recent trends in the Regime and the outcome of the Dublin Plenary in October. Pakistan’s delegation briefed on their export control legislation and provided an update to the MTCR delegation on Pakistan’s non-proliferation policy generally.

Ambassador O’Reilly and Director Vestmann were pleased to continue the trend of positive and productive outreach meetings between Pakistan and the MTCR. We hope to see this continue through future Chairships.