Report by the MTCR Co-Chairs: Outreach Visit to Jordan

An MTCR Outreach Visit to Jordan was held on the 8th of July 2018. The delegation was led by MTCR Co-Chairs Ambassador Breifne O’Reilly and Director Bjarni Vestmann and consisted of the Co-Chairs, the TEM Chair and representatives of several MTCR Partners.

The MTCR delegation met with representatives of the Jordanian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Military Intelligence, the Department of Trade (export control section) and Customs and Excise.

Ambassador O’Reilly and Director Vestmann were pleased to undertake the first MTCR visit to Jordan since 2007. Opportunities for further cooperation and engagement were discussed at the meeting, and the Co-Chairs hope to see a positive relationship building between Jordan and the MTCR in the coming years.