Report by the Co-Chair of the Technical Experts Meeting: Update of MTCR Annex

During the recent MTCR Plenary Week in Busan, Korea, the MTCR Technical Experts Meeting conducted its regular revision of the MTCR Equipment, Software, and Technology Annex. At the end of the meeting eight agreements were reached to modify the text of the Technical Annex.
These changes include the introduction of controls on Ultra High Temperature Ceramic (UHTC) composite materials in a new Item 6.C.6.c., and the expansion of controls on combustion chambers and nozzles in Item 3.A.10. to those for gel propellant rocket motors. Other changes concern clarifications of existing text.
The most recent version of the MTCR Annex is now available on the MTCR website, including a version which shows all changes from the previous Annex via track changes.