Report by the Chair of the Technical Experts Meeting: Update of the MTCR Technical Annex

The MTCR Technical Experts Meeting conducted a regular revision of the MTCR Equipment, Software, and Technology Annex late May 2019. This revision has ultimately led to several changes in control text, including clarifications to Item 3.A.1. and the related Technical Note, a clarification to the Technical Note in Item 3.A.2. on “…ramjet, scramjet, pulse jet, detonation or ‘combined cycle’ engines”, as well as some editorial adjustments in existing control text. In addition, the Annex Table of Contents (ToC) has been updated for entries that have been affected by changes since the last update of the ToC. The MTCR Annex cover page identifies all amended sections and these are further illustrated in the MTCR Annex track changes document. The most recent version of the MTCR Annex is now available on the MTCR website, including the version which shows all changes from the previous Annex via track changes.