Equipment, Software and Technology Annex

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MTCR Annex Handbook

The MTCR Annex Handbook is produced by the United States Government for the purpose of facilitating effective export controls on MTCR Annex items. Unlike the MTCR Guidelines and the MTCR Equipment, Software, and Technology Annex, the MTCR Annex Handbook itself is not an official Missile Technology Control Regime publication of record.

The MTCR Annex Handbook  – 2017 is based on the MTCR Annex in force on October 20, 2016.  The most current version of the MTCR Annex can be accessed above.


MTCR Annex Handbook – 2017 : English version (.pdf)


MTCR-Handbook-2017-INDEXED-FINAL-Digital-FR-part 1

MTCR-Handbook-2017-INDEXED-FINAL-Digital-FR-part 2


MTCR-Handbook-2017-INDEXED-FINAL-Digital-ES-part 1

MTCR-Handbook-2017-INDEXED-FINAL-Digital-ES-part 2


MTCR-Handbook-2017-INDEXED-FINAL-Digital-CN-part 1

MTCR-Handbook-2017-INDEXED-FINAL-Digital-CN-part 2


MTCR-Handbook-2017-INDEXED-FINAL-Digital-AR-part 1

MTCR-Handbook-2017-INDEXED-FINAL-Digital-AR-part 2

Russian (2010 version based on the historical November 10, 2009 MTCR Annex):