Report by the MTCR Chair: Fourth Outreach Visit to Malaysia

The MTCR Chair, Ambassador Benno Laggner, led an outreach visit to Malaysia on 23 May 2023. After previous visits in 2006, 2009 and 2014, this was the fourth official visit by an MTCR Chair to Malaysia. The MTCR Delegation included representatives from the former and the future Chair, the TEM Chair, the LEEM Co-Chair and representatives from a number of MTCR Partners. The Malaysian Delegation was headed by Undersecretary Tan Li Lung of the Multilateral Security Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and included representatives from the Strategic Trade Secretariat, the Royal Malaysian Police, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and the Malaysian Armed Forces.

The MTCR Chair gave a presentation on the MTCR, its structure, origins, goals, membership and recent developments. In this context, he emphasized that the MTCR does not hinder legitimate trade, but that its Guidelines strike a balance between economic and security interests of all MTCR Partners. He also highlighted the political relevance of the MTCR in the absence of an international treaty related to missiles. The TEM Chair, LEEM Co-Chair and UK representative also gave presentations.

Malaysia emphasized that it was a committed member of the international community and committed to combatting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, relevant delivery systems and related technologies. The Malaysian Delegation provided a presentation on Malaysia’s Strategic Trade Act (STA) which is fully in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 and based on other international obligations. The STA regulates export controls, transshipment and brokering of strategic listed and unlisted items and related technology. Malaysia further expanded on the processes and responsibilities with regard to the STA and its implementation.