Chairman’s Statement on North Korean Missile Proliferation Activities, 1998

The following statement was issued following the 9 October 1998 Plenary Meeting of the Missile Technology Control Regime

Chairman’s Statement on North Korean Missile Proliferation Activities
9 October 1998

The MTCR Partners discussed the serious missile proliferation risk posed by North Korea’s missile activities, including missile exports and indigenous missile development and deployment programs. They expressed deep concern over the threat to regional and international peace and security posed by North Korea’s missile practices.

They were especially concerned about the potential of the rocket launched on August 31 to deliver weapons of mass destruction to increased ranges. Recognizing that such missiles, regardless of their declared purposes, are inherently capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction (WMD), they urged the DPRK to refrain from further flight tests of WMD capable missiles and to cease exports of equipment and technology for such missiles.

The members of the MTCR the only multilateral missile non-proliferation regime stressed the necessity for North Korea to exercise maximum restraint in its missile related activities.

MTCR Partners will maintain special scrutiny over their exports of missile related material and technology in order not to support North Korean missile development in any way.