Word of welcome

Klerk_lo-resDear visitor,

On behalf of all Partners of the Missile Technology Control Regime I welcome you to our website. This site intends to provide relevant information about this unique export control regime, its main pillars (the Guidelines and the Annex) and the activities of the MTCR, and to provide useful documents such as the MTCR Handbook.

I am the Chair of the MTCR since last year’s Plenary, which was held from 5-9 October in Rotterdam, where I took over the gavel from my predecessor, Ambassador Roald Naess of Norway. Endorsed by the governments of Luxembourg and the Netherlands, I will remain the Chair of the MTCR until October 2016, when this responsibility will be transferred to my Korean colleague, Ambassador Ham Sang-wook.

The Netherlands-Luxembourg chairmanship is unique, as it is the first time ever that an export control regime is jointly chaired by two Partners. It is a clear example of able and willing Partners to take their responsibilities in the international non-proliferation effort. The intense cooperation has proved to be highly useful and has allowed a great deal of initiatives to be taken, in order to jointly address the challenges in this field.

These challenges should not be underestimated. Notwithstanding international non-proliferation efforts, the risk posed by the spread of delivery systems for weapons of mass destruction remains underexposed. Ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, including cruise missiles, are technological tours de force: they are advanced weapon systems, sometimes travelling at astounding speeds, and are able to strike distant targets with high accuracy.

Being the only instrument in the international effort to curb the proliferation of means of delivery for weapons of mass destruction, the MTCR considers itself as the international benchmark for export control in this field. The MTCR Guidelines and control list are without doubt best practices for controlling exports of missile-related items and technologies, and these standards are increasingly adhered to by non-members as well as used as reference in some United Nation Security Council resolutions. This is why the MTCR also has an elaborate outreach programme, of which you can find more information on this website.

I would therefore invite you to come back to this site on a regular basis, in order to stay up to date with the MTCR. You might also want to follow the Netherlands-Luxembourg chairmanship on Twitter (@MTCR_1516), and use the hashtag #MTCR.

Warm regards,

Piet de Klerk
Chairman of the Missile Technology Control Regime

Ambassador at Large
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs